•Organic Glass Emoatlient•


Available in 2 Volumes • 100ml • 300ml

🌵 Dry • 🌸 Sensitive • 💧 Oily
*Suitable for those with acne as well as eczema.

Get the glassy glow without the greasy feel & let your skin breathe. It dries quick leaving you with indulgently supple skin & a delightful glow.

To truly indulge your skin, start your skincare routine with a deep but gentle cleanse. Delight yourself with my delicious Munfolioat Exfoliating Powder.

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**This product is hand-made in batches. Variation may occur**

🌵 Dry • 🌸 Sensitive • 💧 Oily
Suitable for those with acne as well as eczema. Diet & lifestyle have a big impact so this may not be a quick fix but it will provide a bit of relief & a boost for your skin.

•GLASS EMOATLIENT• Available in 2 Volumes • 50ml • 250ml •
Top off your skin care routine with this Glass Emoatlient Moisturiser. It dries quick leaving you with indulgently soft skin & a glassy glow. It’s perfect for cold days but still delightful all year round.

Not sure if this moisturiser is right for you? Try my Glow Skin Package.

•Ingredients• *Organic  †Locally Sourced  ‡Handmade
ALMOND OIL* • ALOE VERA GEL*† (Aloe Vera Leaf Juice*, Vegetable Glycerine*, Carrageenan Extract, Natrual Preservative*) • JOJOBA OIL* • OAT CREAM*†‡ (whole oats, water) •

Pump desired amount onto clean hands & massage into clean skin for silky soft skin & a glassy glow. Suitable for face & body.

I created this to avoid using heavy & thick moisturisers that were specific to eczema. As much as I love the lightness of the Silk Emoatlient during summer, winter months with cold winds & heaters can really suck out the moisture on my skin. I wanted to make a varied formula that was just as gorgeous with a glossier glow, fantastic for winter months & using an organic aloe vera gel for those who like to keep it pure. Like my Silk Emoatlient I needed something deeply moisturising yet light enough without the need for reapplication. If you prefer a glossier finish that doesn’t block your pores whilst also providing your skin the nutrients it needs, especially during harsher weather, this is for you. I hope this Glass Emoatlient gives your skin the fresh air it needs. Lifestyle & diet have a big impact so know this isn’t a quick fix but it’s here to make your life a little easier, delightful & give your skin the indulgence it needs.

It’s also fantastic for oily skin types because of the ingredients used. Regardless of your skin type, it’s always best to cleanse your skin before you moisturise so start with this gentle but deep cleansing Munfolioat Exfoliating Powder.

•Patch Test•
Massage a small amount on the top of your hand and leave for 24hrs. If any irritations occur please discontinue use immediately & check in with your health professional.


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100ml, 300ml

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