Delight & Indulge

Your Senses

With OilyBun

What’s Oily.Bun?

A little Australian skincare & perfumery by 2 people; Bunny (myself) & the IT Man. Our products are handmade by me & I try my best to stick to only using quality plant extracts such as essential oils, plant waters & powders. Each scent in the perfume range was mixed based on ancient knowledge of the effect of plants on our mind, body & soul. The delightfully complex scent was a wonderful coincidence. It was something I indulged myself in before sharing it with you & the rest of the world. These perfumes & skincare products are the essence of natures gifts, I’m just the middle-man. Check out the whole range here.

It is a dream in progress to have a field manufacturing our own plant extracts but til we get there, we’re sourcing our extracts from mostly local, organic & cruelty-free businesses that not only support us but the communities they’re in.

Why Oily.Bun exists?

I’m asking you to love a healthier you, not a flawless you.

Life is chaotic & sometimes we need a little reminder to delight our senses & indulge in ourselves naturally without harming or hating ourselves, we need to take care of our bodies as it takes care of us. Truly loving yourself nourishes every aspect of your life, diet to mind. Everything in this range was made to make our day-to-day a little more delightful.

Check out my Instagram page for some quick & easy DIY skin & hair care recipes.

Need help picking the right thing or changing your approach to self-love? Let’s Chat.

Our Suppliers

Essential Oils

We source our oils from local suppliers who provide cruelty free & organic plant-based products. They’re passionate about herbal & natural care. They support on-the-ground charities both locally & across the world aiding domestic violence survivors, assisting small businesses access loans in developing countries & more.

Bottles & Caps​

Our gorgeous bottles are all thanks to another lovely local. They started with a focus on essential oils & raw materials before evolving into manufacturing organic, recycled & recyclable glass/PET plastics bottles, caps & more.


Our shipping boxes are supplied by a local packaging manufacturer using recycled & recyclable material. They also support responsible forestry practices.


Bank Australia don’t loan to harmful industries such as fossil fuels or live animal exports & they seek to lend money to those that have a positive impact i.e. individual customers, community renewable energy as well as community & disability housing.