Delight & Indulge

Your Senses

With OilyBun

What’s Oily.Bun?

A little local Australian beauty & oil business consisting of 2 people; Bunny (myself) & the IT Man. We sell a range of incense oils, perfumes & skincare products. Our products use plant extracts (essential oils, plant waters & powders), most sourced locally. I mixed each scent based on the benefits complimenting the ‘holy trinity’ AKA mind, body & soul. If you’re not sure what to get, try our •minis•™ sets which allows you to truly indulge in our range; mix, match & feel the benefits for yourself!

It is a dream in progress to have a field manufacturing our own plant extracts but til we get there, we source our extracts from local Australian, organic & cruelty-free businesses that not only support us but the communities they’re in. Scroll to the bottom for more info.

Why Oily.Bun exists?

I’m challenging you to love a healthier you, not a flawless you.

Life is chaotic. Maintaining a state of peace is incredibly important but sometimes we need a little reminder to delight our senses & indulge in ourselves. Truly loving yourself nourishes every aspect of your life, diet to mind. Everything in this range was made to make our day-to-days a little more delightful. Incredible skin & hair is just a bonus.

Check out my Instagram page for some easy DIY skin & hair care recipes.

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Our Suppliers

Essential Oils

We source our oils from wonderful, local suppliers who provide cruelty free & organic plant-based products. They’re passionate about herbal & natural care. They support on-the-ground charities both locally & across the world aiding domestic violence survivors, assisting small businesses access loans in developing countries & more.

Bottles & Caps​

Our gorgeous bottles are all thanks to another lovely local. They started with a focus on essential oils & raw materials. As the demand for their products grew, they evolved into manufacturing organic, recycled & recyclable glass/PET plastics bottles, caps & more.


Our shipping boxes are supplied by a local packaging manufacturer using recycled & recyclable material. They also support responsible forestry practices.


Bank Australia don’t loan to harmful industries such as fossil fuels or live animal exports & they seek to lend money to those that have a positive impact i.e. individual customers, community renewable energy as well as community & disability housing.
They have some pretty cool articles that are definitely worth a look. No, not sponsored.